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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
Hacker, Kendra
UMass Chan Medical School
Class of 2023
Hardy-Lavoie, Meaghan
Anna Maria College
Class of 2018
Hare, Patrick
Worcester State University
Class of 2017
Haxhiaj, Etel
Mothers Out Front
Class of 2016
Higgins, Corey
Mirick, O'Connell
Class of 2016
Hinge, Prashant
EXL Services
Class of 2019
Hodgkins, Holly
Office of Congressman McGovern
Class of 2023
Hoey, Scarlett
New England Museum Association
Class of 2018
Hubert, Jennifer
Seven Hills Foundation & Affiliates
Class of 2021
Hubley, Adrian
National Grid
Class of 2021

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