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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Waddell Jr., Ronald
Legendary Legacies Inc.
Class of 2021
Waksman, Elyse
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester
Class of 2021
Wallen, Joel
Pernet Family Health Service
Class of 2023
Wally, Katherine Bagdis
Mountain Dearborn
Class of 2016
Walsh, Jessica
Worcester Wares
Class of 2018
Wambui, Elizabeth
Nativity School of Worcester
Class of 2017
Wangari, Beth
Century Homecare LLC
Class of 2021
Wilkie, Ryan
UMass Memorial Health Care
Class of 2021
Winn, Helene Horan
The 15-40 Connection
Class of 2016
Winston Jr., Steve
Massachusetts Education and Career Opportunities
Class of 2021

Last updated: Mar. 2019
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