How do I apply?

Applications are online and require you to create an account. A recommendation letter from your employer and resume/LinkedIn page are required. To learn more about the application process and view the application questions, visit our apply page.

What is the deadline?

Applications are due May 25, 2025. Notifications will be sent in early July.

How many employees may a business nominate?

Employers are able to nominate as many employees as they wish, however we encourage you to be intentional about who would most benefit from this program. Employers who nominate more than one employee should also be able to financially support multiple employees’ participation. Employers should have a conversation with the person(s) they wish to nominate and encourage them to apply.

May I apply if I’m self employed?

Absolutely! Complete an application and have a professional colleague who has significant experience working with you on a joint initiative submit a recommendation letter.

What are the selection criteria for participation?

Leadership Worcester seeks applicants with a motivation to take on active leadership roles, a proven record of leadership capacity, and a passion for  and long term commitment to making Worcester a leading, livable city.  Applicants should live and/or work in Worcester.

May college students apply?

The program is geared to professionals. College students are not excluded from applying, but will be competing against established professionals with demonstrable leadership accomplishments.

Do I need to live in Worcester to participate?

No, but you must live or work in Worcester.

How many participants are in each class?

While the class size will vary annually, the average size is 25.

What’s the time commitment? What if I have to miss one of the events?

Leadership Worcester requires a significant time commitment. The program includes an overnight retreat in September, and eight sessions one Thursday per month from October through May. The program year concludes with an afternoon session and evening celebration in June. Selected participants must commit to attending all sessions and events.

What’s the cost of the program?

Tuition is $3,200.  A personal contribution of at least $200 is expected for all participants. For the majority of participants, their employers pay the tuition cost. Financial aid is available for applicants from the nonprofit sector or small businesses, and also entrepreneurs. 

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes, limited financial aid assistance has been made possible through the generosity of Worcester foundations. Those from nonprofits, small businesses or who are entrepreneurs should complete the financial aid section of the application.  Seeking financial aid has no bearing on an application.

How do I donate to Leadership Worcester?

Leadership Worcester relies on the support of our community in various ways.  Financial contributions are applied to the scholarship fund which will help underwrite participant fees and helps us to remove barriers to access.  Through your support we are able to ensure a class as representative as possible without regard to income or resources.